10 Free Vintage Polaroid Prints

Freebie Tuesday!!

10 Free Vintage Polaroid Prints

I have recently found myself in a terrible dilemma of having no pictures family and friends for my new apartment. All of my pictures are in my phone and on my computer and getting them printed can be quite expensive and very time consuming. Imagine having an app that can take those pictures and send them to be printed. An app that will allow you to crop your memorable pictures so you don’t end up with worthless prints. Well Printic is that app! It takes all the images you enter and can print them out in photo books, boxes, posters, calendars, etc. Best of yet, Printic is todays Freebie! I was able to get 10 ¾ photo prints for free! All by using a referral code (didn’t even have to enter my debit card information!)! And in the future after using this code you will get your own referral code to send out and you in turn can get another $7.00 of prints. I cant wait for my pictures to arrive later this week!


If you are interested download The Printic App and start an account for yourself

While making your order look for the “use a coupon/ referral code” button on the order summary page. Your balance at the bottom should change to $0.00 after entering a referral code.



Once you get your account started get your referral code and send it out to friends! Then they can send their code to you in return. You each will benefit and get $7.00 (aka 10 prints)!

Happy Printing!