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Why “Joie De Vivre”?

Life can get hectic, frustrating and overwhelming. As a junior in college hassling a double degree, Job, and company of my own it’s easy to get swallowed in the everyday stresses. In my first year’s of college I learned to really appreciate the ability to go home and enjoy home cooked food. This realization spurred a passion to adventure into the kitchen to teach myself how to cook. With this passion I am now starting a blog. Joie De Vivre means the enjoyment of life. Life is crazy and busy, and cooking is easy to get put on the back burner when there is frozen meals and easy takeout. However, what I have found is cooking is an amazing way to let yourself sit back and really enjoy life. I know when I finish a meal at school I am at ease and ready to take on the next essay or all night study party. So cook with me and read my blog as we can decipher life and learn to cook!
Madeline Bennett


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