Diagnosis Day

Striving for normalcy is something I have never done throughout my entire life. I chose to stand out throughout elementary school talent shows middle school student government elections, high school percussion and dance, and college entrepreneurial endeavors. It only makes sense that my health would follow the same route that I chose early on in life to stand out and do things its own way. Whether it be chronic ear infections as a toddler which stunted my articulation development, various inflammatory responses as a child, Mono that nearly killed me as a teen, and lastly being chronically ill and fatigued in my 20’s.

Not Pictured: Me dying/coughing up a lung my entire graduation trip.
Vacations were not immune to autoimmune disorders.

I never chose to be “average” as a child so it only made sense my body wanted to be individualistic in its reactions to things. Even with a history of strange ailments nothing truly prepared me for what I was to feel when I was diagnosed with two chronic illnesses this past January.

The day in which someone is diagnosed with chronic illnesses marks a turning point in their life. Which direction it turns is solely up to the person in charge of that body. You often know something is wrong before you are given your diagnosis. As I had watched my health dwindle more over the years, leading me to be sick once or twice a month as well as facing a never-ending battle of exhaustion and weight gain. Finally, after 6 years of deterioration, I decided it was time to do something about it and started an immune system reboot protocol diet. One week later my naturopath diagnosed me with Hashimoto’s and Chronic Reactivated Epstein Bar Virus.

Diagnosis day. Heaviest I had ever been, smiling even though I was terrified of what was to come.

While looking at my lab results I had mixed feelings of both relief and terror. Relief because I finally had the name of what caused all of my troubles. Terror because of all of the questions that began flooding into my mind.
What did this diagnosis truly mean to me? What would my life be like moving forward? Would I always be sick? Would anyone love me with such a diagnosis?

Doctors shrug their shoulders, saying that there isn’t much they can do. One doctor said that I was out of luck and that they felt bad for me, another dismissed all of my symptoms to address the anxiety I was facing from the aftermath of my chronic illnesses. Last but certainly not least, some doctors would just go into telling me all of the horrors that I was to expect in the coming years.

I wasn’t about to let myself dwindle away. As someone who constantly strived for the extraordinary, I was not about to roll over and let my autoimmune disorders take control of my life. I have taken on many hurdles throughout my life and my illnesses were just another obstacle course for me to navigate. I dived head first into my immune system reboot diet and committed to changing the way I lived. Seven months later I am 45 pounds lighter, healthier than I have ever been and excited to share the journey with you.

7 months after diagnosis day. 45 pounds lighter and the healthiest I have been in years.

Take that autoimmune disorders!

Cooking up life was started when I was an undergrad as a way to show the joy that food can bring to life. Now looking back, I realize the significance of the phrase “cooking up life” as this is something people with autoimmune disorders do on the daily. Food can both save and destroy your health, and it was time that I started cooking for health.

If you are looking for a refuge for Autoimmune protocol friendly dishes that are both nutritious and delicious you have certainly come to the right place. Having a restricted diet does not mean you have to give up good food. If anything, I am out to prove that we can have the best food! Look forward to reading about my favorite dishes, AIP friendly date ideas, affordable meal plans, and more!

Are you ready to cook up a healthy fulfilling life? Because I sure as heck am!