Free two day shipping on your textbooks and favorite cooking items!

Free Two Day Shipping!? 
This post goes to all of my fellow college students who struggle with the overpriced college book store items and are too busy to ride the bus to a store to buy certain cooking items. Well I have a wonderful opportunity for you!
It’s amazing how those overpriced textbooks are so much cheaper online than in the book store, if only there wasn’t any cost of shipping or the terrible wait for your books to arrive on time. What would you do if you were able to have free two day shipping on Amazon? Well thanks to a good friend I am now signed up for Amazon Student for their free six month trial. I was able to order one of my required textbooks and the best part is I know it will be here before the weekend! How much does the extra shipping cost? It costs nothing! Not a cent, but fair warning keep in mind that if you decide you don’t want to pay for it after six months you need to make sure you cancel your trial before the six months are over to prevent paying the $39 fee. I have to admit I am really happy with the fact I don’t have to pay for shipping for the next six months, in fact I am going to have to be careful to not go on a Amazon shopping spree with my paychecks from my new job. I will probably buy myself a nice cast iron grill skillet first. I miss having grilled chicken and this product is the closest I can get without having an actual grill (dorm life problems).
Even if this is only for six months, I personally think its perfect timing. I am now able to buy my text books for the next two quarters saving a ton of money and avoiding the hassle of lines, and waiting long periods of time for the books to actually arrive. And to top it off I am able to add to my cookware and never have to leave the comfort of my room for an overpriced store bought item. I think I am in love with amazon right now, and to think it’s all free! Any college student should be able to appreciate that! I decided to attach a link to what I will be splurging on once I get my first pay check! I can’t wait to try that grilled chicken, I am sure my boyfriend won’t mind having something to grill steaks on as well.
If you want to sign up for Amazon Student feel free to click the link below! There are no strings attached, as long as you cancel your trial before the six months are over its completely free for you! (Not going to lie, that’s probably what I will do) But one interesting point is that the $39.00 you pay after six months is letting you access Amazon Prime, which usually costs around $80.00 and this is a yearly fee. If you are the type to order on amazon a lot I recommend this, it will pay for itself if you use it right. Well enough of my babbling go sign up! It’s free!

Amazon Student Registration Page

Have a great day and enjoy life! Till Next Time Maddy Bennett