Pineapple Mango Margaritas!

Happy late Fourth of July everyone! I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday full of food and family! This week we are going to be focusing on recipes that include delicious fresh fruit! Its Mango week everyone!

Nothing is more satisfying on a sunny day then a fresh fruity mixed drink. Tonight we will be making Mango and Pineapple margaritas. These are great fruits to pair together and pair well with tequila. IF you have little ones then these drinks can easily be made Virgin by leaving out the tequila, and they are still delicious! A great dinner to pair with this delicious drink is my Chicken Tacos with Tequila Mango Salsa.




Pineapple Mango Margarita


2 frozen mangos diced

3 cups of cut Frozen Pineapple

1-2 cups of orange Juice (more or less depending on the consistency you want)

2-4 shots of tequila (depending on how strong you want the drink)

Kitchen Tools:


Big spoon


Mango Splitter (Optional)



Make sure to plan this beverage in advance so you have time for your fruit to freeze!

1. To cut your pineapple first start by cutting off the top of the pineapple and the bottom. After this cut the sides of the pineapple off making sure to get all of rind off, the last thing you want is a piece of pineapple rind in your drink!



After you cut the rind off slice the pineapple into ½ disks and then cut the disks in to triangles so it’s easier to blend them up. Once you have it cut, put the pieces in a Tupperware container and place into freezer.


2. Mangos can be a bit of a pain, there are a couple different ways to cut them. One way would be to use a mango splitter, another way is using your own cutting skills.

Mango Splitter Method:

Here is a link to one you can purchase on amazon

OXO Good Grips Mango Splitter

If you are using a mango splitter then start with placing the mango stem down on a cutting mat, holding the mango vertically. Place the mango splitter directly in the center of the mango. Make sure to hold each handle of the mango splitter and keep your fingers away from the blade, Press down evenly and you will find yourself with the core of the mango. After this you will be left with the core of the mango as well as two “cheeks”. Cut a crisscross pattern on the inside of the cheeks and scoop out the mango once finished. Place mango into a Tupperware container.

Non Mango Splitter Method:

Hold the mango stem down on the cutting mat, and cut as close to the core of the mango that you can on both sides of the mango. You will then find that you are left with the core and the two sides of the mango (cheeks). Cut a crisscross pattern on the inside of the “cheeks” and then take a big spoon and scoop the mango out of the skin. After this put the mango into a Tupperware container and place into freezer.

3. After your fruit has been in the freezer long enough to freeze take it out and place it into the blender. Save a four pineapple triangles for drink garnishes. After putting in the desired amount start by putting 1 cup of orange juice in as well as the desired amount of tequila (start with less so you can add more if needed). Blend until at proper consistency. Add more orange juice or tequila if need be.

4. To add a fun garnish rim your glasses with salt then take your pineapple triangles and push it onto the edge of the glass.


5. Pour your margaritas and enjoy!!