Rainbow Veggie Surprise!!

The other day I was walking through a local produce stand and saw this beautiful purple cauliflower. I could not resist but buy it to make a yummy dish. Due to its vibrancy I knew I had to add some other beautiful colors to the dish and decided to use some delicious rainbow carrots fresh vibrant green beans from Grandma Bennett’s Garden. This dish is a crowd pleaser both visually and taste wise! I love to add a poached egg on top to add protein and to tie the entire dish together as well as adding the delicious surprise aspect for when you break the yolk!


Cook Time: 30-45 minutes

Portions: 2 full meals



1 head of Purple cauliflower

4 medium rainbow carrots

Hand full of fresh green bean strands

Olive oil

Fresh cracked pepper

1 teaspoon Sea salt

1 tablespoon Italian seasoning

½ pound Ground turkey

2 eggs






Cutting board


Stove top


Small/medium sized pot

Slotted spoon



Baking sheet

Gallon sized plastic bag

Butter knife or chopstick





  1. Line your baking sheet with foil, and set your oven to 375 Degrees Fahrenheit
  2. Rinse your veggies and cut them up however you prefer.
    1. I like to cut mine into ½-1 inch chunks to help them cook faster!
  3. Toss veggies into a gallon sized plastic bag, drizzle olive oil over and shake till coated.
  4. Add seasonings to plastic bag.
  5. Spread veggies out on cookie sheet and put into the oven
  6. Bake for about 15-30 minutes, occasionally checking.
    1. Once the carrots are easily pierced by forks they are done!



  1. Heat up a skillet on the stove top and drizzle olive oil onto it.
  2. Add the ground turkey as well as fresh pepper, salt, and Italian seasoning
  3. Cook the turkey until done making sure to break it up in the pan.


Poached Egg

  1. Fill your pot up with water and heat it until it begins to boil,
  2. Drop the heat to medium and add salt then stir until there is a circular current in the water.
  3. Crack egg into the water when the current is still going and then carefully continue to stir the water (I like to use chopsticks)
  4. Continue stirring for three- four minutes, then carefully lift the egg out of the water with the slotted spoon.




  1. Mix your turkey and roasted veggies together and then place them in a mound on your plate.
  2. Carefully place your egg on top
  3. Sprinkle some sea salt on top of your dish as well as finishing with some fresh cracked pepper.
  4. Enjoy!


Thanks for Reading!
Madeline Bennett