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Turkey Lettuce Wraps

One of my favorite things to order at PF Chang’s is their chicken lettuce wraps. I wanted to recreate their recipe and rework it to use turkey instead of chicken. The result: A new favorite recipe that is healthy and and perfect for meal prepping for the week! Not to mention it is low cost, low fat, low…

Cinnamon Mango Meringues (Easy gluten free, dairy free and nut free cookie)

  Cinnamon Mango Meringues Our last recipe for mango week is a fun twist on my meringues. The meringues are very similar to my Easy Meringue Recipe. The only changes are a couple ingredients….

Easy cheap Homemade Hot Pockets

Easy Cheap Homemade Hot Pockets Everyone loves those scrumptious cheesy ooey gooey hot pockets, they are an American staple food and the easiest hot lunch ever. I personally love hot pockets, but the market by my dorm never has the kind I like best (Ham & Cheese). And the other day I was really craving…