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Quick Homemade Hot Cocoa

It is the dreaded midterm week at the University of Washington and I have spent hours upon hours toiling away at my studies. If you are a college student or you know a college student you know that a true study session is not complete without yummy treats to go with it! My study treat…

Cinnamon Mango Meringues (Easy gluten free, dairy free and nut free cookie)

  Cinnamon Mango Meringues Our last recipe for mango week is a fun twist on my meringues. The meringues are very similar to my¬†Easy Meringue Recipe. The only changes are a couple ingredients….

Easy Meringue Recipe! A Gluten free, Dairy free, nut free cookie!

I figured I might as well add one of my favorite¬†recipes! This cookie is the super cookie! Being gluten, dairy, and nut free it is edible for even the most sensitive stomach! The best part is these cookies taste absolutely amazing and have endless possibilities! Whether you want a Chai meringue to a raspberry lemonade…