Tips for a Stress Free Life: Closet Clean-up!

Chapter 1: Closet Clean-up!

We have all struggled with anxiety and stress at least once in our lifetime. It is important to know ways to counteract the stress and I hope my blog will help you do that with my new series. These next posts will focus on ways to counteract and prevent the stress that can pop up in our lives.

Today’s post will be all about tidying up your closet! I am going to be moving in with my boyfriend these next couple months and I realized I have way too much stuff! Getting rid of excess junk is an amazing way to eliminate stress in life so I decided to share how I am removing my unused clothes with very little stress and hassle.

Closet 1

1st step: Removing the Excess

If you are like me and have WAY too many articles of clothing, the best place to start is by opening your closet and flipping all of your hangers backwards. I always have a hard time convincing myself to get rid of clothes. This next tip made it so much easier for me to dump half my closet.

Once you flip your hangers leave it alone! When you wear an article of clothing flip the hanger around and keep it that way. Come back to your closet 1-3 months later and remove ALL of the un-flipped hangers and place into a bag for later use (aka step 3).

closet 2

2nd Step: Organize

Now that you have cleaned out your closet it is time to create order! My favorite way to organize is to first separate the clothes by their specific purpose. This part might get messy, as you will be pulling out each article of clothing to put it into the correct pile. Next, put your closet back together. On the outer edges put the clothing category that you don’t wear that often. I always like to order my clothes by style and color so I can easily find color combinations. Gradually keep adding your groups of clothes until your closet is back in order.

By organizing my closet this way I will have my most common outfits ready to grab in the middle. Having popular items front and center saves me time when selecting my outfit in the morning.

Step 3: Sell or Donate unused clothes!

If you can go 3 months without that shirt then you probably won’t need it. Take all your unused clothing to a secondhand clothing store and get some cash for your unused clothes. An even better option is to take your clothes to a local family shelter and help those in need!

I recommend donating your clothes over selling the. Your clothes can mean the world to someone who is not as fortunate. My freshman year of college I volunteered at a woman’s and children’s shelter that had a weekly shopping day where the women could use saved up points to “purchase” soap, clothes, or shoes. The women and children earned the points by doing work around the shelter, and they always loved the shopping days. All of the items that these women bought were donated items.

After volunteering I decided that I wanted to find a way to help and ran a clothing drive at my dorm. Lo and behold hundreds of college students had clothes that they wanted to hand down and we ended up getting over 600 items for the shelter!

That shirt may mean nothing to you, so give it to someone who needs it! If you end up selling it there is a high likelihood that you would use that money for more clothes that you probably won’t need!

Below is a list of some local (Seattle) shelters that always love donations! If you are not from the area Salvation Army is a national organization and is always accepting donations!
Mary’s Place
Jubilee Women’s Shelter
Dress for Success

Step 4: Relax and enjoy your organized closet

You do not have to tidy up everything in a day. Go bit by bit starting in your closet and working through the rest of your living space! This way you will not feel defeat before you begin. Go get yourself a coffee/ice cream cone! You deserve it!

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